We aim to provide all patients with information about the cost of their cardiac consultations and procedures. This is to facilitate informed financial consent.

At the time of the appointment booking, you will be advised of any fees and MBS rebate that may be applicable to you.

There are essentially two fee structures in Australia on which all medical fees are based.

1. Schedule of fees recommended by AMA (Australian Medical Association), who are the peak professional body for doctors in Australia. The recommended fees needs to cover income, staff wages, accreditation, indemnity insurance and practice costs (including rent, equipment and medical supplies), which are rising year-on-year well above the MBS schedule.

2. Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), which has a listing of the Medicare services subsidised by the Australian Government. This fee schedule is approximately one half of that recommended by the AMA. Most medical practitioners in Australia will charge at a rate somewhere between these two fee schedules.

Payment is always required at the time of the consultation.

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